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MIRARI® Sports

MIRARI® Elbow Pads Black



Brand: MIRARI® Sports

Color: BLACK


  • MIRARI® Elbow Featuring Dri-Fit moisture-management with soft synthetic
  • Cross-over strapping system for locking down the pad
  • Extra Light Carbon Fiber Padding ensures optimal durability
  • The Low-profile construction Pads designed to hold Elbow Pads firmly
  • These guards spring back even after multiple washings

Publisher: MIRARI® Combat Sports

Details: The MIRARI® elbow protector are an essential tool for Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and Kick boxing. Striking with elbows during sparring can be dangerous for your partner if you don't use an elbow protector. Use your full striking arsenal with peace of mind with this elbow protector.

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