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MIRARI® Sports

MIRARI® Thai Kick Pads Curved (Pair)



Brand: MIRARI® Sports


  • MIRARI® Thai Kick Pads with forearm support

Publisher: MIRARI® Sports

Details: MIRARI® Thai Kick Pads New Curved and padded forearm Design makes holding the pads much easier during training.New off-edge Stitch Design helps prevent foot injuries and makes it more comfortable for the individual kicking. Redesigned expanded polystyrene main is now also lighter and more durable and the Foam Core is now Both Lighter and More Durable. The velcro enclosures have a new design making them more comfortable than other competitors. Premium genuine leather. Ergonomically designed to fit a forearm Soft and flexible The curved structure, Left & Right hand fittings along with padded straps provide solid forearm support for maximum comfort & balance. Perfect use for everyone including professional fighters, amateurs, men, women, kids and juniors. Sold as a PAIR. NOT sold individually

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